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Conference Interpreter for German in Berlin and Beyond

German-English Interpreter in Berlin, Brandenburg and Beyond

I work as a freelance interpreter for German in Berlin and Brandenburg, the region surrounding the city. Of course, should you need conference interpreters for English and German in other parts of Germany or abroad, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Konferenzdolmetscherin in Berlin und Umgebung | Catleen Grötschel

I offer the following conference interpreting services:

Interpreter for the
language combination:
English – German
and German – English

Interpreter for Events

Are you unsure which mode of interpreting is the most suitable for your event? Whether simultaneous or consecutive interpretation is required, or whether different modes should be used at different times during the event depends on a number of factors. I will be happy to help you find a solution.

I myself offer interpretation services for the language combinations English – German, German – English and French – German. Are you organising a conference with participants speaking several different languages? I will be happy to take care of all your communication-related needs and put together a team of competent interpreters that will cover all the languages at your event – be it Russian, Spanish or Japanese.

Voice Sample German
Voice Sample English

Technical Equipment for Interpreters 

I will take care of organising all the necessary technical equipment for you. For each team of simultaneous interpreters – two or three per language combination – a sound-proofed booth is required, as well as receivers and headphones for the participants listening to the simultaneous interpretation.

What Are the Costs for Professional Interpreters? 

The costs for professional conference interpreters depend on factors such as the length of the event, the language combinations and the organisational effort. The fee for interpreters does not only cover their presence and performance during the event, but also their intensive preparation on its topic and terminology. On request, I will provide a non-binding quote tailored to your event.


Catleen Grötschel
Conference Interpreter
German – English

Professional Domicile:

+49 152 562 528 42